Friday, October 14, 2011

Gargoyle in Berlin Bar

mainichi/everyday blog has this photo from a bar in Berlin but it was too dark to see it at all--by running it through Photoshop Auto SmartFix we can see what it is--!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Goodnight, Hawaii

On my last day we went to see the museum exhibit "The Dragon's Gift: The Sacred Arts of Bhutan." What a riot of varied and very bright colors, all from natural dyes. Colors in textiles for daily clothes as well as the dancers' costumes--and there are a lot of dances in Bhutan! So many questions about all we saw--will have to study!

Goodnight, Hawaii, my plane boards at 21:10. You have been a luscious beauty and a paradise backdrop for a drop-out time. Thank you.

And thank you, my good friend, for making it all happen! It was a gift of great price. From days on the beach to running daily life in a house, it was all magical.

Stepping Out

In between errands today my friend and I had lunch at the Wedding Cafe nearby--fun decor (and serious business) and truly delicious sandwiches (pineapple iced tea that is like ambrosia!).

Our treat for evening drinks and pupus was my friend's favorite place here, the Kahala Hotel. I had my Mai Tai (a treat at last at the end of my stay) and the spring rolls were joined by mango chili sauce. Ooohhhh!

On Kahala Beach (not far from Shangri La) surrounded by sea, dolphin pools, beauty and serenity, paradise is believable.
My friend loves the orchid wall, so we drifted back to the car park via the orchid stairs......

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Almost Indigo Tonight

My friend and I had reservations at Indigo tonight, but we both felt under the weather, with tummy part, and canceled. Hoping to be on top of the world and able to enjoy tomorrow. Wish us well!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Carports' View

In Hawaii housing, the view is all. It is said that the carports have the best view, and since they are up at street level with the houses being down below them, this seems the case indeed.

This is the carport, and this is the view from it (you can see the houses are all lower)

And this adorable "one-room mansion" (that's a yellow watering can just peeking at the right next to the door) has the same view!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lovely Easter

On a brilliant blue and sunny Easter Sunday, my friend and I went to church, which is at/in the Koolau Golf Club half an hour from here. We took the luxurious shuttle bus, and the large and beautiful former golf club house half bought by the church was stunning. Coffee and breakfast breads after in the waterfall atrium.

For dinner, we went to Olive Tree, the Greek cafe. Souvlaki lamb was my main, with Greek yoghurt/mint sauce, and yummy Greek caviar was the starter, with pita. Despite the disparaging remarks in the Ono Kine Grindz blog, this restaurant has long lines nightly, and has for at least the 17 years my friend has lived here.

Masterpiece Theater
presents Jane Austen's Emma tonight, so a great ending to a lovely day.

Bhutan update: today's paper has an article on the new parliamentary elections in Bhutan! This from last year gives more. Very meaningful after the film experience. Who knew there was an ideal country somewhere in the world, free and happy (GNH: Gross National Happiness index!), but still limiting tourists. What will democracy to/for them? Stay tuned!